Hunan Gardens - Rotten Lettuce Wraps

Delray Beach, Florida 0 comments

I ordered lettuce wraps from Hunan Gardens, a Chinese Food restaurant that delivers in Delray Beach,

Florida. I received a half a head of brown rotten lettuce, so I called and they delivered another rotten head. I almost just took but the driver said to check it first before he left. I waited two hours until I called to see when they were to deliver my fresh lettuce. The manager on the phone said he was not coming back and that the lettuce was fine. I told him that even the driver agreed that it was rotten and that his attitude was horrible for his lack of concern for rotten food delivery. I did eventually try the chicken based lettuce wrap dish and it tasted like it had been cooked in a previously cooked fish dish and ultimately ended up in the garbage. This restaurant should not be able to serve rotten food without consequences. The only regret I have is that I didn't take pictures of it. Next stop the food critics in the local news paper. If there is somewhere else I can report them, please email me @


Dineen DelGardo

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